Real or Fake? Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack

With popularity of Louis Vuitton ever growing, it's no wonder the market is flooded with fakes! And not all of them are bad, there are ones out there that can fool even the savviest buyer. A couple years ago, I got stuck with a fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack while trying to sell my authentic one. The buyer requested a return and then switched her fake bag for my authentic one! Yes, people like this are more common than you think. Return fraud happens at boutiques, department stores...everywhere they sell designer brands! In this blog, I will be explaining the main touch-points of inspecting your Louis Vuitton bag to determine whether it's counterfeit or authentic. Use this as a starting point and ALWAYS get your Louis Vuitton bag professionally authenticated!

1. Hardware

Hardware is particularly important when checking to see if your bag is consistent with the brand. Louis Vuitton brands all of its hardware (zipper pulls, buttons, etc.) with a logo engraving. This may be the initials of the brand or the full name spelled out depending on the type of hardware. The engraving should be precise and detailed. On the fake bag, you will notice blurry and bubbly font. When there is no branded zipper pull on a zipper, there should be a Louis Vuitton logo engraved on the back.

2. Monogram Print

The Louis Vuitton monogram print is iconic, but this unfortunately means it has been perfected by many counterfeit manufacturers. The brown monogram print should be a subtle contrast and certainly not a yellow tinge like on the one we see below.


3. Materials

Many bags made by Louis Vuitton are made from coated canvas and trimmed with leather. This is the case with this Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. The canvas should be stiff and holds its shape on its own. The counterfeit one is made with inferior materials and doesn't keep its shape. The leather used on the backpack should also hold a firm quality and is a matte black. The fake one has a sheen on the leather is riddled with wrinkles.

4. Logo stamps

The logo stamps throughout Louis Vuitton bags can be very telling in determining the authenticity. In this case, the logo stamping should be debossed in the leather. The font should be clear and precise and evenly spaced. This is where a lot of counterfeit manufacturers get lazy and don't accurately measure their work. It's all in the details!

5. Date code

There should always be a date code located in authentic Louis Vuitton bags. These should be embossed on rectangular leather tabs. In Neverfull totes, they can be found under the upper part of the main interior pocket. The location of date codes can vary in backpacks, but in this case, it's located on the lower right of the bag near the interior pocket. The date code should start with two letters which tell you what location the bag was manufactured and followed by four numbers which tell you when the bag was made.

The date code on the fake bag isn't even a real location Louis Vuitton bags are made in which should be either the US, France, Italy.

Shop authenticated Louis Vuitton bags with here! Shop with peace of mind that your Louis Vuitton bag is authentic and has been inspected TWICE! It's important to remember that buying counterfeit bags supports child labor, copyright infringement, and isn't sustainable. Buying used authentic bags helps us stay green and saves you money - it's a win win!