Real or Fake? Fendi 2Jours

The Fendi 2Jours continue to be one of Fendi’s most popular bags. Since it’s so in demand and the style is so old, there are a ton of fakes being sold on many sites! It’s important to protect yourself against purchasing a fake and are able to take the necessary steps to determine if what you purchased is authentic or counterfeit.

This comparison will be done with three Fendi 2Jours bags:

Authentic Fendi Monster Bag - New (post 2010)

Authentic Fendi Black Bag - Older (pre 2010)

Fake Fendi Black Bag - Older

Fendi holograms, RFID and serial number:

The reason there are three bags used for comparison is to explore the differences in authenticity markers in newer and older versions of the bag. Beginning in 2004, all authentic Fendi bags were manufactured with holograms. However, from 2010, the hologram was replaced by Fendi RFID tag. You will not find newer styles such as the By The Way or Kan I bag with a hologram. Instead, they will all have a serial number in addition to an RFID fabric tag with another serial number.

The RFID tags are located on a fabric tag with 8 embroidered digits. This tag contains a wireless FENDI RFID chip inside. RFID - is a Radio Frequency Identification technology that contains the bag’s info such as the model, serial number, color, etc. 


Leather Logo and Serial Number Tag

Fendi RFID Tag

Fendi Logo

Inside Fendi bags, there will either be a leather tag or metal plate with "FENDI Made in Italy". The stitching around the tags should be neat and consistent. The plaque should match the color of the rest of the bag’s hardware .

Fendi Logo Plaques and Tags


Fendi Hardware

All Fendi hardware including the zipper pull, bottom protective studs, clasps, rings, etc. will be engraved. The engravings should be crisp and clear and centered perfectly.

Top Snap 

Strap D Rings

Bottom Feet Hardware

Strap Hardware



Fendi handbags always have precise and consistent stitching on all parts of the bag. Pay special attention to stitching around tags, ending of the straps, corners as this is where counterfeiters get lazy on their details.

Strap Button Hardware


Make sure both top handle of your Fendi bag have the seams facing in or towards each other.



The charm on the front of the bag should have unmarked hardware on the back as well as a small piece of hardware with counter facing Fs. 

Leather Charm

Zipper Pull and Zipper

The zipper pull should be angular and cleanly stitches. The end of the interior zipper pouch should have branded hardware at the end.

Zipper Pull

Zipper Hardware

Packaging and Accessories

All new Fendi bags come with a card which contains bar-code model, color and serial number of the bag. The number should match the one on a leather tag inside the bag. This card is usually placed in the pocket Bag along with a care booklet. The paper for these accessories is off-white and textured.

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