Real or Fake? Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Wallet

Louis Vuitton key pouches are one of the most popular small leather goods LV has to offer! Since they are hard to come by brand new on, many people choose to purchase them second-hand. Protect yourself by making sure you purchased an authentic item! Here are some comparison photos so you can see what a real key pouch looks like compared to a counterfeit one. As always, get it professionally authenticated for peace of mind. Authentication company recommendations at the end of the blog!



Dust Bag

An authentic Louis Vuitton dust bag should have a all caps logo that is crisp and clearly stamped on the exterior. The stitching should be small and precise. The fake one has large sloppy stitching and the font is too thick. 

An authentic dust bag will have a white tag in the interior that show where it was made. 

Care Booklet

Care booklets can vary in size and shape (and what they say under the logo), but an authentic one should be slightly textured, stiff, and the font should be embossed and slightly raised on the orange background. The fake one is smooth, flimsy, and the text below the logo has nothing to do with the key pouch collection. 



A newer authentic key pouch box will be orange with a grainy texture and a raised embossed font. There should also be a blue pull to access the contents of the box. Keep in mind older boxes may vary in color and may be brown as well!


Material Card

Material cards should have a Louis Vuitton logo along with the type of material the item is made from. In the case of the key pouch, the exterior is coated canvas and the interior is leather. On the authentic material card (from the US), once side is in English while the other is in French. The card should be cleanly and the stamp should be even. The fake one has the incorrect font, placing, and both sides are in French. 



As a key pouch ages, it tends to get a little flatter, but that being said, the key pouch should never be as puffy as this fake one here. The pattern also matches up incorrectly on the fake one. 


Exterior Logo

If you purchased the Damier Azur pattern, the exterior "Louis Vuitton Paris" logo stamp should be placed evenly in a square. This varies depending on the pattern you chose for your key pouch - the monogram pattern does not have an exterior logo stamp. The stamp should be thin and clear font. The fake one is sloppy and the thickness varies throughout the logo stamp. 


Key Clasp and Chain

The chain on an authentic key pouch should have small uniform links and the link that connects the clasp to the chain should be small and round. The chain on the fake key pouch is too long and large. The clasp should also have an engraved LV logo that's precise and has the correct font. 


Interior Logo Stamp

The interior should have a logo stamp that may say "Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France" or just "Louis Vuitton Paris". It depends on the year it was made. The stamp should be clear and easy to read and evenly spaced. 


Zipper Pull

The zipper pull should have a raised LV logo on it and the shape should be smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. Keep in mind many newer authentic versions of the key pouch have a matt zipper pull and a shiny chain and clasp!


Date Code

Every authentic Louis Vuitton key pouch should have a date code stamped inside. It is normally in the upper corner under the zipper when unzipped. The date could should be two letters followed by four numbers. The letters stand for the location the item was made and the letters tell you the which week and year it was made. In this case, the authentic key pouch was made in France or the US on the 50th week of 2016. The date code on the counterfeit one doesn't have a correct factory code (WW doesn't exist) and it also says it was made on the 68th week of 2019 which doesn't exist! Check to see if your date code is legit here! Keep in mind many fake key pouches may have a legitimate date code.



If a key pouch was purchased online, the gift receipt will look like this. There are many fake receipts out there so it's good to know what one from the online store actually looks like! In store receipts can vary from store to store.

Be sure to get any Louis Vuitton wallets, bags, and accessories professionally authenticated immediately upon receipt! 

Authentication companies recommended by MCR: