Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Authentication

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Authentication

Interior Logo Label

The interior label should have a "Made In" stamp that is embossed in the correct font.


Chanel bags should have all their zipper pulls branded. There should also be a flat head screw where any are showing on the bag.


Serial Number

There should be a little leather tag with a white background and serial number on it. On the Chanel GST, it is located in the back corner of the interior. It should be a serif font and any zeros should have a slash through them. There should also be CC logos on top.


CC Logo:

Anywhere there is a CC logo, the left bottom part of the C should always overlap the right C. This is the case on the leather or hardware.

Back Pocket Quilting

The Chanel GST has a large back quilted pocket. All the quilted diamonds should be completed perfectly all the way around the pocket. If any are off, it's a fake.

Please always get your bag professionally authenticated as there are some very real looking fakes!

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