REAL OR FAKE? Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories Authentication

Real or Fake? Louis Vuitton Multi-Pouchette Accessoires 

Monogram Print

Real Bag: Monogram print is subtle and faded nicely into the brown canvas.

Fake Bag: Monogram print has a yellow tint and has a harsher contrast to background brown canvas.

Interior Logo Label

Real Bag: The interior label should be stitched on all sides and will say either "Louis Vuitton Paris" (if made in the USA) or Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France" (if made in France).

Fake Bag: The font and font size is incorrect and the stitching is sloppy. 

Keep in mind the bag could be made in either France or the USA.

Interior Made In Tag

Real Bag: The made in leather tag is located in the mid-side section of the interior. There is a debossed LV logo and says “Made in U.S.A. of Imported Materials.” The tag has red sides and is cleanly cut. The bag may be made in both France, USA, or other countries depending on where it was purchased.

Fake Bag: The tag in the fake bag is roughly cut, uneven, and doesn’t have the LV debossed logo.

Serial Number

Real Bag: The serial number/date code should have six characters. The first two letters stand for the factory/country the bag was made in. The second number and forth number stand for the year the bag was made. In this case, it's 2019. The bag is still being manufactured so as long as the year is after 2019, it isn't a red flag. The serial number should be debossed on a cleanly cut vachetta leather tag.

Fake Bag: The fake bag has an incorrect font and the characters are too deeply debossed. 

Check the authenticity of your date code here

Mini Round Pouch

Real Bag: The real bag includes a gold embossed circular LV logo above “Louis Vuitton Made in U.S.A.of Imported Materials” on the side. The interior features light beige saffiano leather and may have another embossed “Louis Vuitton Paris” on the flat side of the pouch. Date code is also present. 

Fake Bag: The fake round pouch was missing the Louis Vuitton stamp and date code. The interior was also a darker beige leather.

Front Logo Leather Tag:

Real Bag: The front leather logo tag should be a cleanly light beige leather with yellow top stitching. There is an outline debossed on the leather and it says “Louis Vuitton Paris”.

Fake Bag: The front leather logo tag font is too large and incorrectly placed.


Real Bag: The hardware on the real bag has is brassy and non reflective. Logo stamping is clear and non blurry.

Fake Bag: The hardware is super shiny and reflective. The logo stamping is not precise and round/bubbly.