Real or Fake? Is Your Prada Saffiano Bag Authentic?

Have a Prada bag on your hands and not sure if it's authentic? Find out what the authenticity checkpoints are for the majority of Prada bags - both a real and fake Prada Saffiano Lux Tote are used as examples. There are many different styles and years of Prada bags so keep in mind this video does not necessarily apply to all bags. Please get it professionally authenticated, this blog is not a substitute for it - here are some reputable authentication companies:

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Real Authentication: $30

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 Dust Bag


Prada dust bags may be a white flannel feeling cotton or can also be black and silky, it just depends on your bag! However, make sure that is has the Prada logo on it and that there is a "Made in" tag sewn into the interior. 



Certificate of Authenticity


Even if your bag comes with an authenticity certificate card, this doesn't mean it's authentic! They are very easy to replicate as shown above. It should have the color, material, article number, shop stamp, and date stamp present. The date is normally stamped on it, but if it doesn't, it may be just because a sales associate forgot to stamp it. The envelope is normally black and has black embossing on it. 


Exterior Logo 


The letter R on an authentic Prada exterior plaque or logo may have an indented or curved leg depending on the year or style of the bag. It may also have an R with no indent. Both of these can be correct. The logo should also read “Milano”, not “Milan”. The metal used on the logo plate should be consistent with the rest of the hardware on the bag.The Prada exterior plaque should be securely attached with even stitching around it. The top should be aligned flatly at the top the spacing between the letters should be even.



Interior Logos


If there is a logo plaque in the interior of the bag, it should match the color of the hardware and leather throughout the rest of the bag. Depending on the year, it may be stamped with “MADE IN ITALY,” which should be clean and legible. The same applies if the plaque only says "PRADA MILANO". 


Made in Italy / Country Tag


Most bags will also have a small black fabric tag that states the location of where it was made. This is usually on a seam towards the back of the bag or in the interior of a pocket. The letter should all be capital. Keep in mind many bags will say Italy, but Prada bags are made in other countries such as India as well.




Zippers are a very key part in deciding whether your Prada bag you want is authentic. The zipper should glide easily and be made of high quality metal. The hardware color should also match throughout the entire bag. These are the only zipper brands Prada uses: 


These brand should be embossed on the underside of the zipper. Keep in mind fake bags most likely use these brand logos as well and can be easily replicated! 




Interior Pattern


The Prada logo should be imprinted in a horizontal line throughout the bag lining with a rope motif. The lining of the bag should match the color of the leather.




The stitching on authentic Prada bags is slightly angled. The fake bag features straight stitching. The seams on the handles should also always be facing inwards and never outwards. 



Factory Number

The interior factory number tag very important to find on many Prada styles. Authentic Prada Saffiano Lux handbags will have a small white tag in the interior with 2, 3, or sometimes 4 characters on them. This tag is usually in the interior pocket of the bag and can be hard to find! If you have a wallet on chain, there should be a number printed in the leather behind the most upper left card slot.