Fake or Real? Gucci Disco Bag Authentication

Gucci Disco bags are super popular and bring such easy and effortless style to any outfit! Because they are so popular, the market is flooded with counterfeit versions and sometime's it's not so easy to tell whether you've got Gucci or you got duped. This is why it's important to know characteristics and traits of authentic Gucci bags - when you're a first, second, or even third time buyer of Gucci, fakes can still fool you with fake serial numbers, RFID tags, and logo stamps. To make an initial check to see if there are any red flags on the bag you have purchased, watch the video and read more below for detailed pictures and explanations:


The Dust Bag:

When you get your Gucci bag, you will most likely get either a brown or white dust bag included. If it's brown, it will have a gold logo and have a cotton feel to it. If you get a white one, it should be silky and smooth to the touch. There will be a logo tag sewn to the front in the middle toward the lower half of the bag. There should be no stitching showing on this tag and the grains of the fabric should be vertical. 

There will be white tag sewn into the interior of the dust bag that should sage "Made in Italy" with care instructions on the back.


The Care Booklet

Your Gucci bag should come with a care booklet. There isn't much difference to note in the picture below, which is a great example of how easily bags and accessories can be replicated.


The Logo

The logo on the front of the bag should measure almost exactly 12m across the diameter. Fake ones tend to have larger logo as shown below - the one on the left measures a little over 12.5cm. 



The Tassels 

If there is an exposed screw on the hardware, this means your bag is fake. Philips head screw tops should almost never be present on authentic designer bags. Any loops or connecting rings on the tassel hardware should also be a full circle with no gap in it. A gap is present in the ring on the counterfeit bag. 

On the tassel hardware, there will be a ring of raised dots. If your bag is authentic, there should be a straight line across the diameter of one of the dots.  

The authentic Gucci tassels should be cleanly cut and will appear to have two thin layers. The counterfeit tassels were slightly puffier although roughly the same size.


The Zipper

The zipper should have an engraved "Gucci" logo on the underside. The logo should be clear and precise and not blurry. There should also be a raised "I" on the inner part of the zipper. 

There should also be a capital "I" on the inner part of the zipper.



The Serial Number

There should be a stamped 12 digit serial number on the underside of the leather tag sewn on the top of the pocket in the interior. The front of the tag should have "Gucci Made in Italy". Stamping should be clear and easy to read. 



The second serial tag will be located in the bottom interior left of the bag. It should be a black loop and have a 10 digit white serial number and QR code on in. Make sure there is no stitching the edges of this tag and the number is clear and easy to read. 



The Strap

The strap on authentic Gucci Disco bags will only have one loop holding the excess strap in place. On the counterfeit one, there were two loops on the strap and that second loop has a piece of metal holding the loop together. There should be no metal on the back of the strap. The excess leather should also no be a half moon shape, but rather a slight curve that is cleanly cut.

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