Buy This, Not That! The Best and Worst Saint Laurent Investment Pieces

Saint Laurent has always been a best selling brand here at MCR. The brand is very popular and desired by many! However, with all their beautiful styles, sizes, and versions, it’s important to learn which piece is worth investing in before making such a large purchase. Using our historical sales data here at MCRStockX, and The RealReal, we have compiled the best YSL investment pieces as well as ones that aren’t worth spending you money on. In this blog, we are going to focus on two of the most popular, current, and long-term classic YSL bags as our case study: The Wallet on Chain and Sac de Jour. Although these two bags are equally gorgeous and functional, there is a clear winner in terms of value retention.

Winner: Wallet on Chain

Loser: Sac de Jour

The Saint Laurent Wallet on Chain comes in two sizes, small and large. While both sizes are a good investment, the clear the best buy is the small size in black. Black is a best selling color and will always keep its resale value best. is selling the small wallets on chain price over retail and the large ones about $200 under retail. Also, it’s important to note that the price of the wallet on chain has increased by approximately $100 in the last year or two which tells us a lot about its popularity. Here are the averages compiled:

Best YSL Investment Piece

Saint Laurent Small Wallet on Chain in Black

Average Sale Prices

Saint Laurent Small Wallet on Chain

Retail Price: $1350 (up from $1250 in previous years)

Average price sold 2018: $1177

Average price sold 2019: $1216

Total Average (2018-2019): $1196.5

Retains: Approx. 89% of value retained

Saint Laurent Large Wallet on Chain

Retail Price: $1650 (up from $1550 in previous years)

Average price sold 2018: $1,131

Average price sold 2019 (all colors): $1361

Total Average (2018-2019): $1246

Retains: Approx. 75% of value retained

Other good investment pieces that have a decent resale value: Kate BagBlogger BagCollege bags, and the Shopping Tote.

Worst YSL Investment Piece:

Saint Laurent Small Sac de Jour 


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

Average Sale Prices:

Sac de Jour Nano

Average Price $1,116

StockX: $1025

Fashionphile: $850

Average Total 2018 & 2019: $1070

Retail Price: $1990

Retains: 54% of value retained

Sac de Jour Small

Average Price $1296

Average price MCR: $1053

Average Total 2018 & 2019: $1174.5

Retail Price: $2750

Retains: 43% of value retained

Other Saint Laurent styles we do not recommend purchasing as an investment piece: Rive Gauche Leather Bag, Muse bag, and Cabas bags.

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