REAL OR FAKE? Saint Laurent Small Wallet on Chain

Real or Fake? Saint Laurent Small Wallet on Chain 

Interior Logo Label

Real Bag: The interior label should be a “Saint Laurent Paris” embossing.

Fake Bag: Interior label is in the incorrect font is placed too high.

Interior Made In Italy Stamp

Real Bag: The Made in Italy stamping is crisp easy to read.

Fake Bag: The Made in Italy stamping is blurry and messy.

Snap Hardware

Real Bag: All YSL hardware should be engraved with the brand. It should be clean and easy to read. The word "PARIS" should be smaller than "Saint Laurent".

Fake Bag: The font is incorrect and too large on the fake bag.

Serial Number

Real Bag: The serial number should be hidden behind the back pockets. It will be debossed in the leather and it will be faint, but readable.

Fake Bag: The fake bag didn't have a serial number which means it's not real. All YSL bags have a serial number.



Real Bag: The main interior compartment of the bag is lined with leather. The pockets should be lined in fabric.

Fake Bag: The fake bag is fabric instead of leather.

Zipper Pull

Real Bag: The YSL small wallet on chain should have a leather zipper pull.

Fake Bag: The fake bag has a metal zipper pull which is a characteristic of the large version of the bag.

Crossbody Strap

Real Bag: The strap is detachable so the bag can be used as a clutch.

Fake Bag: The fake bag doesn't have a detachable strap which all sizes of this bag should have.

*Newer YSL WOCs have a lobster claw now instead of a round clasp*

Dust Bag

Real Bag: The dust bag should be black and have "Saint Laurent Paris" in white font. It also have a white tag in the interior that says where it's made.

Fake Bag: The fake dust bag has large and incorrect font and isn't the correct material.


Real Cards: All YSL bags comes with a white authenticity card and black care booklet. It should be in a black envelope with white lettering.

Fake Cards: The fake cards have incorrect font and are in a light silver instead of white.

Please always get your bag professionally authenticated as there are some very real looking fakes!

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