Real or Fake? Chanel 19 Classic Flap Bag

If you purchased a Chanel 19 bag second hand or received it as a gift, it's important to make sure it's 100% authentic! Here are some comparison photos so you can see what an authentic Chanel 19 bags looks like compared to a counterfeit one. As always, get it professionally authenticated for peace of mind. Authentication company recommendations at the end of the blog!



Dust Bag

An authentic Chanel dust bag should have a all caps logo that is crisp and clearly stamped on the exterior. The stitching should be small and precise. In this particular case, the authentic dust bag is a thick black material with a  textured ribbon draw string. The fake one is more of a fleecy soft material with a string as the closure. 


Authenticity Card

Chanel authenticity cards should have a Chanel logo along with the serial number that matches the serial number sticker inside the bag. The outline and number should be printed in gold and NOT have a rainbow sheen when looking at it in the light. 


Interior Logo Plaque

The interior should have a metal plate that has "Chanel Made in France" in all caps engraved. The letters should be flat and sharp at the top, not rounded like the counterfeit one. Your bag could be made somewhere other than France.


Zipper Pull

The zipper pull should have an engraved Chanel logo on one side and CC on the other. The CHANEL engraving should be thick and precise. The CC shouldn't have any large gaps where they intertwine. 



Serial Number

Most Chanel 19 bags that were made 2021 and previous years will have a serial number sticker in the interior. The serial number should have 8 numbers with gold CCs above. The leather tag should be cleanly cut with sharp angles. The counterfeit one is rounded and sloppily cut. The serial number sticker is also placed incorrectly. 

*Please note your Chanel bag may have a metal plate and microchip in the interior instead of a serial number sticker and authenticity card. 



The screws under the CC closure turn lock should look like a star and not a Phillips head screw. Hardware should be flat on the underside as well. 

Be sure to get any Chanel wallets, bags, and accessories professionally authenticated immediately upon receipt! 

Authentication companies recommended by MCR: